LinkPlas is an industrial company producing and selling plastics for industrial parts, and for other purposes. We are a dynamic, modern and dedicated organization in meeting the needs of our clients.

The company is founded in 2011, however only begins its activity in March 2012, with headquarters and manufacturing facilities in the parish of Pindelo, Oliveira de Azeméis. Its machinery park consisted of three injection machines with a closing force between 120 and 550 tons, allowing to inject parts up to 2.2kg; The main products produced were plastic parts for binding machines, coffee machines and for motorcycles and bicycles.

In 2013, the company attracts new customers, especially in the pharmaceutical industry, sporadically to participate in the development of molds and the parts to be produced; In order to add value to its production, attract more demanding customers and assert itself in the market. The company starts the process of implementing the QMS with a view to its certification in Quality. The company is installed in an industrial pavilion with 1 200 m2, where it is currently, a 10 tonne crane is acquired and the company website is launched.

The year 2013 was started with a new client in the area of the pharmaceutical industry in which a product was developed from its conception to the injection of the parts.


With the rapid growth, the company felt the need to change facilities, in order to obtain a better organization. With the objective of completing the process of the Implementation of the Quality Management System by the Norm NP ISO 9001: 2008.

In 2014 the company obtains the Certification in Quality ISO 9001: 2008. The company manages to raise new customers by trying to free itself gradually from over-reliance on its traditional customers; It acquires a new generation, more sophisticated, 50-ton injection machine with higher productivity, better energy performance and greater reliability in terms of Quality.

Between 2015 and 2016 was acquired to a machine of 350 tons for the production of technical pieces with high quality. A new customer was raised for the automobile industry. We are also involved in a project for financing "Portugal 2020", in two strands: Internationalization, foreign markets and Innovation with the objective of increasing production capacity, making the production process more efficient. New management software was acquired that allows a better interaction between production and management.

Although we are a company with a recent history, we can say that we have a very specialized know-how and the most advanced technology in the industry, since our commitment to innovation is a constant in our company.



LinkPlas provides high quality parts and plastic components with technical complexity, developing the most efficient and innovative solutions in partnership with its customers.



To grow as a reference company in the sector of plastic components, capable of giving a global response to the needs of the most demanding domestic and foreign clients.



Linkplas is governed by the following corporate values:

- Confidence
- Quality
- Excellence
- Rigor
- Effectiveness and efficiency


In this context, Linkplas intended to focus on the quality of its products, aiming at a strategy to strengthen its critical competitiveness factors, in order to grow, qualify and strengthen its presence in the global market. In this context, we develop strengths, improve the weak, seize opportunities.


Rua António Gomes Correia Junior
Oliveira de Azeméis


(+351) 256 601 535